Joh Graney is an inspirational business and life strategist  who understands the importance of business culture, and specialises in cultural change management designed for businesses to excel. 

With a passion for excellence and extensive experience in motivating teams, Joh works with businesses showing them how to create more time, to develop their teams, and to increase profits.

Joh is a visionary leader who see’s the potential in others from a mile away. Experienced in developing dynamic teams, she assists employees within organisations to obtain better work-life balance while enjoying the benefits of career success and achievement. Specialising in well-being in the workplace, she is an industry leader in assisting people to find balance, and takes a holistic approach to help companies get the very best out of their people. 

Bringing to the table a unique skill set, Joh ability to make people shine has assisted thousands of people transform their lives. Joh has a strong passion for the development of female leaders in their communities, and empowering women. Her passion and ability have earned her a reputation as a leader with wisdom and influence to assist others to create lives of purpose, prosperity and significance.

She is a certified Master Practitioner in the field of neurolinguistics and neuro-associative conditioning with an extensive background in the area of achievement-psychology and works as a peak performance trainer for Tony Robbins. 

Joh has been an inspirational speaker to many and is a highly sought-after consultant in her field. Her philosophy starts with the gifts within each individual, and with a systematic approach, she can unravel a person’s real potential, uncover their passions, and ignite their desire to make a difference in the world.

If you are looking to enhance your team culture, to empower your team and take your business to the next level, we’d love to hear from you.

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