“Having had the privilege of working with Joh Graney on multiple projects within several different organisations I’ve found that her standards for excellence show up in everything she does. Joh is creative, resourceful and collaborative in helping any team get to the next level.

She epitomises what Leif Babin and Jocko Willink characterise as “Extreme Ownership”, in their best-selling book of the same title. I believe Joh’s effectiveness as a leader is directly tied to her tireless quest for personal growth and self-mastery. There is no such thing as “it can’t be done” in her vocabulary which makes working with her fun and challenging in all the right ways.”

Deborah Battersby: President, Success Matrix International; Chicago, IL

“Thinking big requires speed and action. It’s the quick or the dead. Business conversations should be fast-paced and about actionable insight. Joh Graney gives me that in straight talking power-packed coaching.

Her genuine desire for my business to succeed is unquestionable and has made a huge difference to our bottom line.” 

Tia Jordan – General Manager: Elite Executive Coaching

“Joh Graney is an exceptional business strategist, trainer and mentor. She is quick to analyse and assess issues that occur in any nature of a business and offer supportive and effective advice.  Joh’s perceptive and enquiring nature and a talent for finding practical and considered solutions to business challenges add tremendous value to everyone with whom she interacts.”

Jenny and John Phillips: Entrepreneurs and Business owners

“Joh’s approach to coaching is not just about our business professionally, but takes all of our goals in life into account in helping us make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for our company and life as a whole. The best testament to her coaching may be that as issues come up that we want input on, her voice is inside our heads telling us the questions to ask, how to approach the issue, and asking what we want from the outcome. Her coaching style is to constantly ask questions to help us work through the issue — she listens exceptionally well and encourages you to talk through the challenges we all face but are afraid to discuss.

Then she provides her perspective. I would liken her ability to cut through the noise and to hone in on the real issue to a great trial lawyer’s ability to cull an enormous set of facts into an opening statement for a jury. She’s that good. Joh is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and real.”

Steven Raidis: Raidis Estate

 “We originally sought the expertise of Joh Graney to assist with change management in our 40-year-old family group of companies.

In a few short months, we renegotiated to ensure Joh’s consistent quality of leadership was a long-term asset to our company.

A job in Real Estate with life balance is generally difficult; with Joh’s guidance, it becomes a successful way of life, balancing health, relationships, lifestyle and prosperity. Our staff and we are living proof of this. Joh has made such a huge difference in the people that matter most, our colleagues and our family.

Joh’s skills are the secret weapon that we have been searching for. I know for a fact my life will never be the same, and I hear the same from everyone I work with.

Thank you.”

Rodger McGrath: McGrath Real Estate Group

“It’s as if someone has flicked an “On” switch in my head. I find myself thinking on multiple levels at once and doing with enthusiasm things I would normally have felt negative or indifferent about. I am bringing order to things that need it, making with ease the decisions that I had stewed about for weeks, and contentedly planning long-delayed activities and projects. 

I  am prioritising differently, making time for the things that matter to me and will move me towards my dreams. Already, I am conscious that I am “doing” more – which is a much-needed change for someone who has struggled with procrastination – and yet there is a sense of “being” in my “doing” that has never been there before. 

It’s less than a day since I completed Balance Your Life, but I am already aware of changes within me that are allowing me to experience life in a completely different way. I feel more fulfilled; excited about my future, confident I can achieve my goals and have a greater sense of self-worth. I’ve even made a decision to increase my consulting rates as a result of doing the course!”

Caroline New: New Media Communications Solutions

“I have learnt many techniques to add to my life which will take away some of those things that didn’t serve me well at all. I obtained strategies to focus me instead of the things that do serve me. 

I have already incorporated one key concept and have seen wonderous results.” 

Pat Mickan: Dual Olympian and Australian Netball League Coach

“What a combination of many incredible “experiences” not just head knowledge! I am moved to appreciate my life as a whole and live out of my new found energy.”

Margaret Rohan Kelly: Author, speaker, former chairperson “Miss Australia.”